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How to invest

Class I Shares (FORTX) are currently available on the following investment platforms:

The Fortress Fund has two share classes. Class K Shares (FORKX) are a direct investment with us. Class I Shares (FORTX) are purchased through an investment platform where you already have a brokerage account, like Schwab or Pershing. Review performance and descriptions of the share classes on our Performance Page and in the fund’s prospectus.

You may invest through your brokerage account if the Fortress Fund is available on that particular platform. If you find the fund is unavailable, let your broker know you would like to invest in FORTX and contact us at 806-323-8000. Questions about share classes or how to complete investor forms? Contact Russell Fry at 806-323-8000.

INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT – Click this link to access the account form.

JOINT, UGMA/UTMA, TRUST, OR CORPORATE ACCOUNTS – Click this link to access the account form.

IRAS – If you would like to invest directly with us as an individual or an IRA in Class K shares, click this link to access the account form.

ENTITIES – Entities must submit physical documents to invest. If you would like to invest directly with us as an entity in Class K shares, please call Russell Fry at 806-323-8000 or email to complete the documents.

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