The Abraham Fortress Fund

Fortress Fund Investment Terms

Minimum Investment: $100,000
Liquidity: Monthly additions/withdrawals with 6 bus. days notice.
Abraham Trading Management Fee: 0.65% annually, paid monthly in increments of 0.054% to Abraham Trading. No incentive fee.
Investor Eligibility: Must be a Qualified Eligible Person under CFTC Reg 4.7 and an Accredited Investor under SEC Reg D 501(a).
Structure: Limited Partnership
Lock-Up: None

The Fortress Fund Story

In 2008, Salem partnered with T. Boone Pickens to create the Pickens Abraham Foundation, a scholarship endowment fund for graduating high school seniors in the Texas Panhandle.

In Salem's experience as an investment committee member for endowments and foundations, he saw that the portfolios of endowments and foundations have a tendency to do well in good economic times and poorly in bad economic times. For his half of the Pickens-Abraham Foundation, Salem wanted to try to construct a portfolio that was effective regardless of movements in equities, interest rates, or other traditional investment classes. His resulting investment strategy was turned into the Fortress Fund, LP in July 2018, making the strategy available to outside investors.

We believe you cannot protect or grow your portfolio without smart diversification and robust risk management. With our team’s unique expertise in alternative investments, the Fortress Fund’s diversified portfolio aims to provide investors with more effective diversification and risk management than one may be able to achieve with a traditional stock and fixed income portfolio.

Why invest in the Fortress Fund?

A portfolio built with the storm in mind

By combining diversified investments and strong risk management principles, we aim to create a portfolio that can withstand tumultuous market periods.

Thorough risk management

We believe smart portfolio construction starts with thorough risk management. The Fortress Fund aims to balance each asset class in order to reduce the volatility (or risk) of the portfolio. We prioritize lower volatility in an effort to protect client capital.

Opportunities for growth

Our investment strategy aims to provide diversified investment opportunities in an effort to grow your capital.

Investment management for a fair price

Some investment advisers and consultants overcharge investors by using complicated fee arrangements that are not plainly explained or disclosed. Fees should be fair and transparent. With our fund, we provide clear, straightforward explanations of fees, and we aim to reduce costs for our clients wherever possible.

The fund combines traditional investments in equity and fixed income with diversifying alternatives. We aim to create a portfolio that provides better protection and growth than traditional stock/bond portfolios.

Exposure to global equity markets
Fixed Income
Treasuries and investment grade bonds
Diversifying Strategies
Exposure to 6-12 diversifying third-party alternative strategies accessed through options and/or swaps. Also includes a small allocation to gold futures.

Looking for more information?

Review the Fortress Strategy presentation.

What’s the true cost of your portfolio?

Review the T​rue Cost ​document to understand hidden costs that your brokerage company, broker, adviser, or wealth manager may be charging you.

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